New Charlotte apartments Just outside of center

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A different take on apartments in Charlotte’s FreeMoreWest neighborhood.

An apartment is only as good as the life it allows you to lead—and we want you to live a great one. We’ve got a great location in FreeMoreWest, just minutes from Uptown Charlotte. We’ve got the things you need, the things you want and the things you didn’t even know you wanted.

So, you should come visit Arlo’s temporary leasing space at 1233 West Morehead St., where you can ask us ALL the questions and get all the answers. See you soon!

quartz is rock.
Wood is from trees.

Our apartments
are full of rocks
and trees.

It’s true. We use great materials to make great
apartments. Some would call them luxury
apartments, but we hope you just call them home.

You’ve got the trifecta.
Rooftop lounge, gym, zen
space, grill, micro-market...

Wait, how many
was that?

Our amenities are awesome. It’s like having
your own personal resort right outside of
your apartment.

You can’t spell
Charlotte without Arlo.

Really, you actually
can’t – literally.

After all, we’re just outside of Uptown Charlotte,
right up the street from Bank of America Stadium in
FreeMoreWest. Arlo is perfectly located to get
everything you want from living in Charlotte.

There are NO man-eating
tigers in FreeMoreWest
(occasionally some
Panthers and a Rhino,

There’s always something going on in FreeMoreWest. From
tailgating for Carolina Panthers gamedays to enjoying
all the goodies at Rhino Market & Deli, this neighborhood
has a ton to offer. Plus, you’re pretty close to South End,
Uptown, Dilworth and the rest of the city.